Inspired by True Story:  { All Characters in this Story are Imaginary, and any similarity is just coincidental, certain situations have been created to give an entertainment value to the story }

Major Vijay is a very hard working and motivated officer. He has done well in his military career so far and is currently working as a Brigade Major at a Brigade Headquarters located in Semi-Desert area. He has done well and is looking forward to joining his battalion where he would have his dream of commanding a rifle company. Even though the tenure of the Brigade Major is only around two years or less, Vijay has been on this post for over past 2 and half years. He is little concerned about his career since it is important for him to get rated as a company commander for at least two years before being considered for the next promotion.

The military secretary is visiting the station and there is a letter, that states that any officer can ask any question to the Military Secretary about their posting, or any thing that might be affecting their promotion prospects. Vijay considers it as God send opportunity and puts up the question about in-ordinary delay in his posting, and prolonged tenure in highly taxing job. The question needs to be approved by the Brigade Commander who rejects it. Vijay is furious on his genuine question being rejected and seeks an official interview with the Brigade Commander.

In the Brigade Commander’s Office:

Vijay: May I come in Sir?

Bde Cdr: Yes, Vijay you wanted to see me, what is it.

Vijay: Sir, I have been here for almost two and half year. This posting is usually at the most for two years. Military Secretary is here and I want to know why I am not being posted back to my Battalion? I know it is the best post one can get as a Major, but then I need to command a Rifle Company for at least two years before being considered for the next rank, and I am loosing that time due to my prolonged tenure here.

Bde Cdr:  Well, I am selfish but not as selfish as you think. I assure you I will have your posting released soon.  In fact your posting was due last year, but I happen to be sitting with the person who was issuing your posting and that person happen to be my old colleague. So, I told him to with hold your posting and that is why you are having a longer tenure than usual.

Vijay: Thank you sir, I hope you understand my concern and my good work at this place will not become harmful to me.

Bde Cdr: you got it Vijay.

A Few Days Later: Vijay’s posting is received, to be relieved in January of next year. Two days later Bde Cdr’s posting is also received in the headquarters, to be relieved one week before Vijay was to be relieved. It was very unusual for a formation, where the Bde Cdr and his Bde Major were both posted out within a weeks time, there by ignoring the continuity of the operations in the formation. The Bde was to have new Bde Cdr and a new Brigage Major (BM).

…………………………………… To be Continued:  Wait for Events to Follow …………………………………………………………………….


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